Oak Alternatives

As a pioneer in precision oenology, Boisé® offers oenological oak ranges that are renowned for their quality. Over the past 20 years, its ability to innovate and expertise in the interaction between oak and wine has enabled the Boisé® brand to become a world leader in technical oenological oak. And now Boisé has gone a step further by implementing solar energy to toast staves and barrel inserts.

Boisé Oak profiles

Boisé Origine – 11 Specific Oak Profiles The Boisé Origine® range is made up of…

Boisé Signature blends

Choose from either of these blends for use in wine ageing that preserves the quality…

Boisé Barrel chain inserts

Extend your barrel life economically with Boise premium quality barrel inserts. Choose from 3 aromatic…

Boisé Inspiration staves

Boisé Inspiration staves made in Boisé. Guaranteed precision and quality, unique know-how for your wine…

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