Crown Seals

PE.DI is a world leader in production of high quality PVC free crown seals made to protect your sparkling wine during tirage and final closure. Custom colours available. 29mm diameter. Volume Discounts Apply. Please Call 

Crown Seal Inlay Specifications

Recommended for medium to long term ageing – 60 months. Ideal for warmer, riper vintages with base wines tending to early evolution/ripening. Osmotic potential – 0.18Cm3 of CO2 per 24 hours.Suggested for medium term ageing – 48 months. Suggested liner when slightly higher micro-oxygenation is required. Osmotic potential – 0.26 Cm3 of CO2 per 24 hours. Other liners available on request – minimum volumes will apply.

Crown – Aluminium

Aluminium crown seals with TOP+ liner Will not rust, easy to apply. Recommended for tirage…

Crown – Stainless Steel

Stainless steel crown seals with TOPZ LINER Provides a low osmotic potential, recommended for longer…


Injection Moulded Polyethylene Bidule For use with your tirage crown seal to capture bottle lees…

Crown – Custom

Genuine PE-DI Assurance Cutting-edge printing technology allows virtually endless customisation.  Suited to beverages such as…

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