Wine Analysis

Sentia SO2 Wine Analyzer

Sentia measures the concentration of free sulfur dioxide (free SO2) in post-fermentation wine using a…

Self-Brett Test Kit

Compact kit that allows winemakers and wineries to carry out analysis for Brettanomyces independently, without…


For the determination of residual sugars in wine.

pH Test Meter

Apera 20 or 60 Series: Digital pH tester & thermometer

Turbitity Meter

Ionix Portable Turbitity Meter. Includes 3 sample cells, callibration standards, silicone oil, sample cell oiling…

Densimetre – Tirage

Densimetre 337 – Hydrotir Range: TIRAGE 990 to 1005 1/10E Calibrations: 20° Celcius Code: DENSI0007

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