Fining of Wines

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Fining of Wines

ProVgreen Pure Wine

PURE WINE Clarification & softening of wines. Made from Pea Proteins, Gluten Free.

ProVgreen Smoke Taints

PROVGREEN® SMOKE TAINTS an animal-free fining agent, is an effective solution for treating musts or…

Origin F-Max

ORIGIN F-MAX is a next-generation fining agent made up of various active substances that act…


PVPP MV Treatment of maderization and browning of white wines. Reduction of bitterness, improved freshness…

Gelisol Liquid Gelatin

Partially Hydrolised gelatin for fining musts and wine. Versatile gelatin. Combine with Silisol to clarify…


Silisol Liquid silica gel helps with wines difficult to clarify.


Gelatin derived from fish. Faster more efficient clarification than bovine products. Minimal organoleptic impact compared…


Extremely soluble & easy to integrate.  Isinglass powder a proteinic fining agent particularly for white…


KTS® FLOT is a next-generation product for the flotation of whites, rosés and reds resulting…

KTS Clear

A chitin-glucan derivate from Aspergillus niger specifically developed to eliminate unpleasant tastes connected to the…

KTS Control

A chitosan derivate from Aspergillus niger to control the development of Brettanomyces that cause organoleptic…


KTS® FA is a preparation based on chitosan which aims to control microbial populations present…

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