Tonnellerie Bordelaise Barrel Range

Tonnellerie Bordelaise barrels age wine softly, building structure and complexity. Oak is selected from prestigious French forests, hand selected, split, long air-dried and crafted to exacting standards. Consistent from season to season, every tree and stave is documented through the PEFC forest identification scheme and traceability through VERITAS and HACCP wood recognition programs.

Available in the following sizes:
225L, 228L, 300L, 500L

Francis Barrels

Extended air seasoning of 36 months. A selection of our best oaks, chosen for their quality. Francis can be made as a single forest or a blended forest barrel (forests as listed for centre of France). These qualities ensure roundness – a strong structure but with soft and velvety tannins. 

South West France

Tight grain, hard wood, seasoned for 36 months. Provides vanilla and mouthfeel to the wine. Recommended for white wines and perfect for barrel fermented Chardonnay and full bodied Semillon.

Centre of France

Veritas Certified Regional Forest Origin Oak from the forests of Allier, Nevers, Blois, Chateauroux, Loches, Chinon, Troncais, Vouille, Grezigne and Bommiers. FINE GRAIN & 24 mths air dried. 


Ameline is exclusively sourced from the TRONCAIS forest. FINE GRAIN and 24 months air dried. Provides finesse, fine structure and length to wine. Especially suitable for extended barrel aging of Cabernet and Bordeaux blends, full bodied Shiraz and wines requiring power and structure.


Each year since 2010, 2 small lots from 2 distinct forests are harvested following Biodynamic moon cycle principles. Trees were felled on 3 of the 4 day types: fruit, root and flowers. Part of the protocol included the time of day and because of this harvesting starts and finishes much earlier in the day than normal. Staves were split on a day that corresponded to the original harvest day. Both headboards and staves are seasoned separately to keep all original trees together. Toasting and manufacture of the barrels also occur during the same cycle after orders are received. Only very limited amounts of timber are available.