Winus offer a large range of high quality chillers designed to deliver reliable and consistent cooling and warming solutions for the beverage industry. A large range of standard units capable of handling from the smallest volumes up to 260,000 Litres.

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Winus C2-W3

Glycol water chiller complete with circulation pump, storage tank and hydraulic accessories. Fitted with 2…

Winus C1-W1

The C1-W1 cooler is equipped with a direct heat exchange coil and is inserted in…

Winus C2-W5

C2-W5 and C2-W9 coolers are equipped with thermostat and probe for automatic temperature control of…

Winus C2-W13

The C2-W13 Ready cooler automatically controls up to 8 connections via a control panel and…

VC Immersion Plates

Made from AISI 316 stainless steel, these can be used for heating or cooling. Available…

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