Fittings & tools

Huge range of fitting and tools available. Call about custom made requirements.

Fitting – Elbows

Stainless steel. 90° & 45°. Available in BSM, BSP, Triclover & Camlock fittings.

Fitting – Hose clamp

Stainless steel. Hose clamp or band-it clamp. Clamps for securing hosetail to hose. Available in…

Fitting – Hosetails

Stainless steel. Available in full range of sizes to suit your hose and outlets. Ability…

Fitting – Junction

Stainless steel. Connect 3 or 4 hoses via “Y” or “T” style junction.

Fitting – Reducers

Stainless steel. Converting one size fitting to the same fitting in a different size.