Service, Repairs & Modifications


All service, repair & modification work is assumed billable, unless previously agreed to be covered under warranty. All amounts listed excluding GST.

  1. Inspection & Assessment
    1. A period of time for an initial investigation will take place for each asset prior to works being undertaken.
    2. This time will usually be between 30-60 minutes per asset, depending on the asset type and the works requested.
    3. Investigation time forms part of the billable hours.
    4. During the inspection our technicians will:
      1. Inspect & assess the asset against the works requested by the customer.
      2. Conduct a thorough Job Safety Analysis and/or Plant Hazard Assessment of asset to ensure the job can be performed safely.
      3. Provide a scope of works and an estimate of costs for the works required, if not already provided.
    5. If at any point our technicians do not believe they can complete the requested works, or the machine is found to be unsafe to work on, the customer will be notified immediately.
  2. Service, Repairs & Modifications
    1. Service, repairs or modifications on an asset are billable in 15-minute intervals.
    2. Approval by the customer is required prior to our technicians conducting any works.
    3. Additional faults and/or issues may be found whilst conducting works on an asset that fall outside the initial scope of works. In this instance, the technician will cease working on the asset, contact the customer and provide further information and an estimate of costs.
    4. On completion of the works, a service report and any safety documentation will be provided to the customer along with the final invoice.
  3. Freight
    1. Unless previously agreed, freight of an asset to and from the Tanium workshop is the responsibility of the customer.
    2. Customers arranging freight must package assets to ensure safe transit into our workshop. On arrival, if damage is found on the asset the technicians will advise the customer prior to conducting the initial inspection.
  4. Technician Labour
    1. Standard workday hours are Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm.
    2. Hours outside of the standard workday, including weekends, are billable at 2x standard rates.
    3. Travel time is calculated when a technician is on route to or from your site. This includes travel to and from the airport, wait time, as well as in-flight time.
    4. Standard Rates
      1. Travel = $105/hour
      2. External Labour (onsite) = $120/hour
      3. Internal Labour (workshop) = $105/hour
      4. Phone Support = $95
  5. Other Charges
    1. Overnight & interstate travel:
      1. Airfares are variable and will be charged at the rates applicable at the time of the technician booking.
      2. Car hire is billed at $150/day. This includes all tolls, fuels and other charges.
      3. Accommodation is billed at $180/night.
      4. Meals are billed at $100/day.
      5. Taxis/Ubers or other means of transport to and from the customers site, including travel to the airport, are billed at cost.
    2. Tanium may engage 3rd party services to complete a job e.g. electricians, engineers. These will be billed to the customer at cost plus a small percentage for managing the services.
    3. All other expenses incurred by Tanium during service, repairs or modifications, will be billed to the customer.
  6. Payments
    1. Customers without payment terms will be required to pay in full all billable time & materials before the asset is released from the workshop.
    2. Customers with terms will be invoiced as per agreed terms for all billable time & materials.
    3. A 50% deposit may be required in situations where Tanium is likely to incur costs before work can be undertaken. This includes ordering non-stocked spare parts, booking travel expenses or arranging 3rd party services.