Scharfenberger AS range destemmer

Available Sizes:

Efficient and gentle destemming. Available in 7 different sizes with a flow-rate between 3 and 80t/ph.

  • Quality built AS Range destemmer
  • Eccentric destem bar
  • Prejuicing in feed hopper
  • Frequency controlled feed auger
  • Easy cleaning through simple disassembly of the basket and destem bar
  • Synchronized movement of basket and destem bar
  • Continuous variable speed
  • Perforated stainless steel basket 25/22 electropolished
  • Stainless steel design


  • Height adjustable stainless steel frame for a ground clearance of 800 – 1300 mm
  • Adjustable crushing roller (movable, and easily bypassed)
  • Cleaning nozzles
  • Additional stainless steel or polyethylene basket with different perforation patterns
  • Roller sorter
  • Larger feed hopper
  • Large feed hopper with long auger
  • Catwalk

Add the Roller sorter RS (available on the AS5, AS10, AS15)