Roto-Jolly Riddling Machines

Roto-Jolly’s new generation of automatic rotation machines, set a new standard in design, durability and ease of use. Roto-Jolly’s rotation system eliminates the need for drive screws and chains for simplicity and reliability. The four and six cage units have self locking top gates for safety. Roto-Jolly’s are freestanding and are designed with an expandible frame & controller to meet future requirements. Roto-Jolly is the only double cage machine that can be easily double stacked to create a 4 cage unit without engineering modifications.

Roto-Jolly Sizes

  • Available in Single, Double, Quad and Six up formats.


  • The standard software control package comprises 4 pre programmed cycles and the facility for 3 additional custom programs. Base controller can run up to 48 rotators (ie: 12 x 4 cage quadra machines).

Cages and Capacity

Simple to load and unload, Lafal riddling cages fit most common older style machines.

  • Cages fold down for storage or transport.
  • Roto-Jolly Cages – Suitable for Roto-Jolly machine holds 504 bottles.
  • BAS/VLM Cages – Suitable for BAS & VLM 8 cage machines Holds 504 bottles.