Relative retention rating filters

Sheet media typeApplicationExample of use
EKS, EK1, EK, KS 50, KS 80Fine Filtration• Microorganism reduction and yeast removal in wine
• Microorganism reduction in beer with moderate to high microbial load
• Final filtration of juice and juice concentrate prior to bottling
• Microorganism reduction in sugar syrups
• Microorganism reduction in enzyme solutions
K100, K150, K200, K250, K300Polishing Filtration• Polishing filtration of wine
• Microorganism reduction in beer with low microbial load
• Fine filtration of beer and yeast removal
• Fine filtration of beer following DE prefiltration
• Polishing filtration of beer
• Prefiltration of juice prior to final membrane filtration
• Haze removal in apple juice before bottling
• Polishing filtration of sugar syrups
• Polishing filtration of enzyme solutions
• Polishing filtration of thick liquor gelatine
K700, K800, K900Coarse Filtration• Clarification of wine
• Particle removal in fruit juice
• Prefiltration of juice concentrate
• Polishing filtration of olive oil
• Clarification of enzyme solutions
• Clarification of thin liquor gelatine
AKS4Colour and flavour correction• De-chlorination of water
• Correction of off colour, flavour and odours in distilled spirits
• Decolorization of sweetener and sugar syrups
• Colour correction in juice and beer a applications
• Gelatin decolorization and deodorization