Speidel Pressure tank

The pressure tank FS-MO-8B is mostly used in the production of sparkling wine. By default all the Speidel pressure tanks come with an AISI 316 tank top and are designed for 8 bar working pressure. They are manufactured in best quality complying with the stringent guidelines for pressure devices 2014 / 68 / EU.

Before delivery, each tank is individually tested and approved by the T.V, Germany’s Technical Control Board.


  • Weld-on thread with sealing cap (for the installation of the sampling taps)


  • Welded stable manhole neck 340 x 440 mm with reinforcement ring
  • Door with swivelling handle and toggle nut


  • Reinforced plate with drilled hole. 48 mm (to hold flap valve or weld-on thread


  • Vaulted, stable tank bottom, in bottom centre with forward drawn discharge pipe and outlet with thread