Perrier disgorge, dosage and levelling

Perrier is a leading manufacturer of premium quality bottling, disgorging and dosage equipment based in central France. 

  • Machines are constructed of the highest quality materials and used by some of the worlds largest and
  • leading producers of still and sparkling beverages. Equipment size starts at 1000BPH machines for bottling,
  • disgorging, dosage and mixing for sparkling wine production.
  • Disgorging, Dosage & Agitating
  • A disgorging system especially designed for automatic
  • lines, with outputs from 1,000 to 20,000 BPH

PERRIER patented bottle’s neck handling system

  • Exhaust pipe with vacuum & temperature control
  • Partial emptying, dosing & levelling valves are still fixed
  • Agitating using four revolutions
  • Easy to clean design