Digital Control Label inspection

CE Label Inspection

This vision system checks the correct labelling or decoration of bottles, cans or other containers to 360°. It’s an autonomous system and can be located in any bottling line before packing machine. It can handle a large amount of codes and recipes. The system checks the corresponding correct format in production, placement, orientation and integrity of all labels and seals. The vision system solves problems relating to presentation of the product ensures the best image to the packed product.

Version Available For Label inspection directly in labelling machine

It checks the correct labelling of bottles or other containers directly in labelling machine. Thanks to high definition camera and specific illuminators the system can check the correct position, orientation and integrity of the label. It can handle a large amount of codes and recipes. The system can be composed by several cameras to inspect more labels at the same time. It can also be connected to an ejection system to discard the faulty containers.

Other Inspection Systems, including inspecting neck finish and empty bottles available on request.

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