Automatic GT Filler

The GT filler is compact, easy to operate and offers the flexibility of fully automatic, standalone operation or can be integrated into a fully automatic bottling line.

The GT Filler has been designed for smaller facilities and vertically integrated producers and its specifications can be customised to suit your operations.

Options include:

  • Cork
  • ROPP/Stelvin
  • Crown seal
  • GPI screw cap or;
  • Glass and cork T-top stoppers
  • 8 Head from 450 – 1400 BPH
  • 12 Head from 1500 – 2000 BPH
  • Bottle sizes can be specified from: Ø55mm by 240mm high through to Ø115mm by 380mm high
  • Quick, simple changes between bottle sizes with minimal change parts.


Fully guarded, to comply with all Australian safety standards.

Choose from:

  • Vacuum filling for greater speed or;
  • Gravity filling under inert gas for gentle, bottle shock free packaging
  • Single or two turret combination closure