Alfatek ISO 6.1 monoblock

Production up to 3600 cans/hour of 330ml & 500ml


Cans are gripped outside the inlet, turned upside down and washed. The spraying duration is adjustable and machine is activated only when the can is detected.


Cans are transferred to the filler and lifted by mechanical rams close to the filling valves. 

  • Can detection (to trigger the filling);
  • Gas flushing: replaces air in the can with neutral gas to reduce oxygen;
  • Filling;
  • Levelling;
  • Degassing.

The total closure of the valve facilitates the degassing even with particularly difficult products.


Lids are released from corresponding charger and then applied to the blowing of neutral gas and to spraying of foam.


The intermittent star transfers the can on the lifting plate, then raises it by putting it in contact with the rotating spindle. While can is spinning, the 1st and 2nd operation rolls perform the seaming.


Can washing tunnel is located outside the monoblock system and designed to be connected to a CIP washing and sanitizing system.

The rinse, filler and gas injection/foaming jet units are equipped with dummy bottles with manual application that allow their correct washing.