ALFATEK Elvira monobloc filler

The bottling equipment with hyperbaric (light pressure by nitrogen) filling technology – series “Elvira” and “Elvira Antiox” – has been designed for filling high quality products.

  • Maximum precision of the filling level, due to the (patented) self-levelling filling valves
  • The light pressure in the filler’s bowl (0,1 bar) avoids loss of flavors, aromas, dissolved gasses in quality products;
  • Zero oxygen pick up for products which are susceptible to oxidation, thanks to the light pressure filling system and the innovative pre-evacuation technology 
  • New cleaning and sterilization system under pressure (up to 3 bars), for total sanitization;
  • Innovative filling system with constant and accurate levels determining exact weight of the filled product;
  • State-of-the-art solutions for automation programming and quality controls.