Winemaking Equipment and Supplies: Online Shopping Convenience Made for You

Whether you are making wine or sparkling wine, you require the right winemaking equipment and supplies to accomplish the task in a quality manner. Today, it is easier than ever before to locate all of the correct elements for the winemaking process. For example, Grapeworks Pty Ltd. offers online shopping for your convenience for a wide assortment of supplies and equipment that is necessary to fulfil this task in a timely, efficient way to produce delicious results. Below, you can read a sampling of our merchandise that is available online.

Processing Equipment and Other Machinery for Winemaking

One example of the equipment that we carry is the Europress P15 1500L Slotted and it efficiently presses the juice from the grapes. Its size is 2000 litres with an approximate pressing capacity of 1.5 tons of whole cluster, 4.5 tons of de-stemmed and crushed, and 7.0 tons for fermented must. The touch screen allows you to control this unit with ease. We also carry various bottle fillers to assist you in transferring your wine into appropriate containers. Numerous other types of equipment and machinery also are available on our website for your consideration.

Yeast and Additives

One of the yeasts that we offer is the Levuline ALS yeast that is a classic strain of Alsacian yeast and it is ideal for aromatic wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling or Semillon. Our company also offers Viazym Clarif Plus, which is an enzyme that provides efficient, fast clarification for pectin-rich musts.


You also can purchase cartridge filters, sheet modules, filter housings, filter sheets and earth filtration products from us to ensure that you remove the unwanted particles from your wine that form during the winemaking process. Analyse our options and decide which is best for your needs.

Barrels and Storage Options

For aging, we offer oak barrels and valid alternatives in various sizes. In addition, consider our storage and vat selections to learn what we have to offer in this area.

Packaging Solutions

Under our packaging options, you will discover crowns, muselets, sparkling hoods, capsules, cork closures, bottle wax and even labels. All these elements will help you ready your product for market.