Why Do Grape Growers Need Vine Guards Like SnapMax?

Delicious wines begin with the grapes out in the vineyards. If they are not cultivated properly, they will fail to develop their signature flavour and other characteristics. The challenge for growers is to nurture the young vines in such a way that they mature and go on to produce a plentiful harvest of tasty grapes. One important aid for the growers to use to accomplish this is vine guards such as the ones made by SnapMax. These guards ensure that the young seedlings survive their early days in the vineyard without issue.

General Information about Vine Guards

Vine guards are basically growing tubes that protect the young grape plants from the elements during their most tender growth period. The tubes also establish a special microclimate inside of them that helps to accelerate the growth of the young grape plants. Other reasons for using these guards in the vineyard include protection from being eaten by a wide assortment of animals, insect infestation and harsh weather. Another benefit of vine guards is the fact that they hold moisture in the soil similar to mulch.

Facts about the SnapMax Vine Guards

Unlike some other brands, SnapMax vine guards come pre-assembled. You can quickly set them over the grape seedlings. There are so many tasks to perform with growing grapes that the less time you can spend on this task, the better. Also, SnapMax makes these guards from durable, long-lasting polyethylene, which is resistant to UV damage and tearing. While not all vine guards permit access to the grape plants until they emerge above the guards, the ones from SnapMax open when necessary.

Purchase Your SnapMax Vine Guards From a Reliable Company

To ensure that you receive your SnapMax vine guards in a timely and an accurate manner, purchase them from a reliable company such as ours of Grapeworks Consumables. We fulfil all orders as quickly as possible. For your convenience, we carry the following models of the SnapMax vine guards:

  • SNAP1200vine guards measure 80-mm width by 1200-mm height
  • SNAP1100vine guards measure 80-mm width by 1100-mm height
  • SNAP1000vine guards measure 80-mm width by 1000-mm height
  • SNAP900vine guards measure 80-mm width by 900-mm height
  • SNAP800vine guards measure 80-mm width by 800-mm height

While you are ordering whichever of the SnapMax vine guards that best suit your purposes, do not forget to check out or inquire about our other products. We specialise in winemaking, brewing and cider making equipment and machinery along with other relevant supplies to bring your specific recipe into fruition in a favourable fashion.