Uses and Applications of Wine Filter Cartridges in Winemaking

Wine goes through a wide assortment of stages before it is ready to pour into bottles to complete the process through aging. One such stage is the filtration one in which you remove unwanted particles either to improve the clarity or purity of the wine mixture. Different filters are available for filtration today, but one popular type is wine filter cartridges. You need to understand further facts about these, though, to ensure that they are the right one for your needs.

Purposes of Filtration

Wine goes through filtration for two main reasons, namely clarification and microbial stabilisation. Clarification ensures the wine has the brilliance and transparency it should have without unsightly particles in it. The microbial stabilisation is important to ensure that the wine does not spoil by removing impurities such as bacteria for just one example.

Types of Filtration Available Today

You can purchase filtration pads or cartridges to accomplish each of the filtering processes that you need to perform on your wine. Which type you should buy depends on the quantity of wine that you are producing and your specific setup. Cartridge systems are effective for volumes up to a max of 15,000 gallons yearly and for batch sizes up to about 500 gallons. Above these numbers and you should rely on the pad systems. However, we are here to explain only the wine filter cartridges. Read the next section to learn further facts.

Styles of Filter Cartridges

  1. Nominal cartridges are ideal to remove large particles from the wine and are 90-percent effective. Their purpose is to rigorously clarify the wine.
  2. Absolute cartridges have up to a 99.9-percent efficiency rating for removing bacteria and other harmful microbes. Therefore, they are used to stabilise the wine to prevent spoilage.
  3. Final membrane cartridges also are designed to remove spoilage microbes. Numerous wines require a final filtration through this type of filter cartridges. Examples of these wines include wines that contain residual sugar and white wines. Do not overlook the importance of this final step when your wine calls for it since it will lead to the wine re-fermenting or developing an off flavour.

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