The Importance of SnapMax Vine Guards in Grape Growing for Winemaking

A flavourful wine starts in the vineyard since it takes quality grapes to create one. For this reason, the vineyard owners must carefully nurture the grape vines from planting to harvest time to ensure that the fruit on them matures properly. Vineyard workers utilize various cultivation methods and traditions, including the use of vine guards to protect the young vines from environmental elements that may damage them.

Definition of Vine Guards

Vine guards are open-ended tubes that come in a variety of sizes and styles. The purpose of these tubes is to allow the young grape vines to grow up through them without issues from the elements. These tubes protect the vines from strong winds, hail, heavy rain, herbicides and even insect infestations. Also, these guards improve the micro-climate for the vines since they increase the vines’ ability to retain carbon dioxide and moisture. Growers need to select the right kind of guards for their vines, though, since certain ones make it difficult to access the vines when necessary. If you are in search of these guards, refer to the next section to learn about why you should select SnapMax vine guards.

The Attributes of the SnapMax Vine Guards

When you purchase the SnapMax brand of vine guards, you receive them pre-assembled and ready to use. They press open and attach to the vineyard wires in as little as 3 to 5 seconds. This reduces the costs and labour time of this task. Since these are made from durable polyethylene, they are tear and UV resistant along with being long lasting. You can choose from a variety of lengths to ensure that the models you purchase suit your needs in the ideal fashion.

The SnapMax Models That Grapeworks Offers to Clients

Grapeworks Consumables is your source for SnapMax vine guards here in Victoria, Australia, and we offer the following models in packs of 50 with clips for attachment:

  • SnapMax 800 dimensions are 80-mm wide and 800-mm height.
  • SnapMax 900 dimensions are 80-mm wide by 900-mm height.
  • SnapMax 1000 measurements are 1000-mm height by 80-mm wide.
  • SnapMax 1100 measures 1100 mm in height and 80 mm in width.
  • SnapMax 1200 dimensions are 1200-height by 80-mm wide.

On top of the SnapMax vine guards, we sell a wide assortment of other necessities for winemaking. Come to us for yeast, additives, equipment and machinery along with supplies for filtration, cellar, packaging and sparkling wine. Our goal is to assist you in your winemaking efforts as much as possible with our products.