SnapMax Vineguards, the wine growers choice.

These pre-assembled vineguards are perfect to promote a stable growing environment and provide protection from herbicides and vermin. Quick and easy to install with no special tools necessary, SnapMax has been developed and improved by listening to the growers needs. Available in a range of sizes the latest design allows for ground to wire variation, ensuring the best fit.And there’s an optional dripper wire strap for extra stability.

Installation is simple, push open the preassembled SnapMax and attach to your cordon wire using the superior clips. This all takes only 5 seconds! Watch the install in action

The benefits of using SnapMax:

  • SnapMax clips to the cordon wire and trains the vine straight to the wire
  • Growing tip protection U saddle at top – prevents vine falling forward, train uni or bi-lateral
  • Dripper wire attachment strap available for added security in high wind areas
  • Supplied in carry packs of 50 units (with clips) for quick & economical distribution throughout the vineyard
  • Unique double tab locking seal – no special tool required
  • Micro ventilation for vine health, plus press open ventilation flaps for extra air flow
  • Translucent for drive by vine inspection, catch misses early
  • Reusable, made from durable HighDensity PE tear resistant plastic (recyclable)

Leading viticulturists have been delighted with their SnapMax experience, finding them “quicker and easier to install” and “held fast during enormous winds”. Independent trials conducted at a major vineyard in Eden Valley showed 17% more growth using SnapMax.

Give your vines the best start in life! Find out about the SnapMax and other innovative environmental products,

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