Purposes and Functions of Aphrometers in Winemaking

Winemaking is an intricate process of transforming grapes into unique alcoholic beverages that vary in their characteristics and flavours. While most types of wine are made with the same basic processes, sparkling wines and champagne have additional steps to provide them with their unique effervescence. This characteristic is caused by its CO2 content, which must be measured after the bottling of the wine to ensure it is at the appropriated levels. Aphrometers are simple tools that are specially designed for this purpose. To further your education about these tools, refer to the following information.

What Are Aphrometers?

Aphrometers are a type of manometer and are for the purpose of measuring the pressure in the sparkling wine and champagne bottles. There are various models on the market today, but many winemakers still prefer the manual, simple ones over the more complex models. Also, there are models to use with corks and ones to use with crown seals. In order to purchase the right one, you must first decide upon your capping method.

When to Measure the Pressure in Sparkling Wines and Champagne?

Use the aphrometer after the disgorging process or during the secondary fermentation stage. The correct pressure will vary according to the specific type of sparkling wine or champagne the you are making. For example, champagne typically has five to six atmospheres of pressure inside the bottle, which is considerable in comparison to regular sparkling wines. This is why champagne is revered above all others for special occasions along with its unique flavour. Before making any type of sparkling wine or champagne, ensure you understand the specific pressure necessary for ideal results.

Examples of Aphrometers

  • Aphrometer, cork version – This instrument is for testing the pressure in bottles of sparkling wines with a cork seal does so in 0.5 bar increments.
  • Aphrometer, crown seal version – This instrument is for testing the pressure in bottles of sparkling wines that contain a crown seal. It does this function in 0.5 bar increments.

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