Jute Mats Natural Fibre Weed Mats: What Are the Benefits for Grape Vines?

Cultivating grape vines to maturity is a complex task that requires the right knowledge and time to bring it about in a proper manner. When you fail at this, the grapes will not be as plentiful, juicy or tasty. This may lead to you being unable to use the grapes for wine. Controlling the weeds and preventing soil erosion are two important parts of caring for your grape vines. Jute Mats natural fibre weed mats can assist you with these tasks.

Weed Control Is Vital for Vineyards

The main purposes of weed control in vineyards are:

  • To ensure that the roots of the grape vines do not have any competition for the soil nutrients
  • To retain soil moisture at the right level
  • Improves air circulation around the plants, which lowers the risk of diseases
  • Eliminates hiding places for rodents and other pests
  • Allows sunlight to reach the lower parts of the vines effectively
  • Makes harvesting more efficient and less time-consuming
  • Keeps weeds out of the path areas to ensure ease of movement throughout the vineyard

Erosion Control Keeps the Soil Around Tender Roots

Another important factor in cultivating grape vines is to provide erosion control. This is especially important if your vineyard is not completely level, but soil can wash away from the roots of the vines even in flat vineyard areas. When the soil erodes away from the roots, diseases and other issues can hinder the natural growing process of the grape vines.

How Jute Mats Natural Fibre Weed Mats Help to Control Weeds and Prevent Soil Erosion

You may think that controlling weeds and preventing soil erosion are extremely difficult tasks to accomplish in your vineyard if you are new to running one. The truth is that by using the Jute Mats natural fibre weed mats both tasks are easier than you think. Read on to learn the following benefits of using these mats:

  • Jute Mats work as an organic and a biodegradable mulch to retain soil moisture and to provide additional nutrients
  • Come with pre-slit holes for planting
  • Block out weeds effectively while allowing moisture to seep through to the roots
  • Reduce the absorption of excessive heat, which protects the roots
  • Jute Mats reduce the need for manual labour to weed the vineyards
  • These mats help hold the soil in place even on hilly areas to prevent erosion

To learn additional information or to order Jute Mats natural fibre weed mats, contact Grapeworks Consumables. We sell a wide variety of supplies and equipment for winemaking, including these mats in two sizes of 370 mm x 370 mm and 600 mm x 600 mm.