Different Factors That Affect the Aging and Taste of Wine

To receive the best results with a batch of wine, you must understand the various factors that affect the aging and consequently the taste of it. Aging of wine is the changes that all the elements of the wine mixture go through as the wine sits in its containers for a certain period of time. When you age wine in the appropriate manner, it enhances the flavour. Learn about the different factors that can affect the aging and taste of wine in the following facts.


You must store wine in a dark area since ultraviolet light will degrade the organic compounds in your mixture. These compounds influence the structure, aroma and flavour of your results.


The ideal temperature range for aging wine is about 12.7-degrees Celsius to around 15.5-degrees Celsius with as little fluctuation as possible. If you do not adhere to this temperature range, the necessary chemical processes could either slow in cooler temperatures or accelerate with warmer ones, which will negatively impact the taste of the wine.

Humidity Levels

The way that humidity levels affect aging is when you seal the wine bottles with real cork seals. After sealing takes place, the ullage or the space between the cork and wine that occurs when the wine evaporates a bit will not develop at the proper rate. When the area has too low of humidity, it causes an excess of evaporation and this can condense the flavours a bit more than is desirable, and the corks will dry out and crack, which negatively affects the seal integrity.


The acid in wine partly acts as a preservative, determines the pH level of the wine and its level stays constant during the aging process. For the latter reason, you should ensure that the acidity of your wine is at the proper level prior to beginning the aging stage. The level it needs to be at will vary slightly between the types of wines. When acid levels are too high, the flavour of the wine will taste odd since it will be out of balance with the residual sugar.

Length of Time

Another effect on aging is simply time. While certain wines such as Melbec, Merlot and Pinot Gris require little if any aging, wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Red Burgundy only improve the longer they age.

Remember the above factors for aging to bring out the right taste in your wine. In addition, turn to Grapeworks Consumables for your winemaking machinery, equipment and supplies. We offer a full line of products that will ensure that your wine comes out in the ideal manner.