Causes of Wine Spoilage and How to Prevent Them

Wine success depends on a delicate balance of the right grapes, additives, processing methods and fermentation techniques. When this balance is ideal, the results are perfection. At times, though, winemaking runs afoul and wine spoilage occurs. There is no one cause of this spoilage rather different issues can create the right atmosphere for the wine to turn bad. We will examine some of these spoilage reasons and how to prevent them in the following facts.

Bacterial Wine Spoilage

Acetic acid and lactic acid are two types of bacteria that occur naturally in grape must and the resulting wine. These bacteria can produce secondary metabolites that will negatively affect the flavour and quality of wine since they cause spoilage to happen in the batch when you do nothing to solve the issue. There is no one way to prevent this from happening, but one deterrent is a high ethanol concentration in your wine. Another deterrent is a high acidity level since it can inhibit bacterial growth. In addition, storing wine at a temperature below 15-degrees Celsius can keep bacteria to a minimum.

An Improper Cork Seal Can Cause the Wine to Spoil

If the cork does not fit in the wine bottle snugly, it can allow air to enter the wine. As a result, oxidation occurs and taints the quality of the wine, including its flavour, colour and aroma. For intense purposes, the wine is spoiled for its intended use. Prevent this issue from happening by ensuring that all of the wine bottles have an appropriate cork to keep air from entering your wine. This goes for traditional corks as well as modern ones from other materials than natural cork.

Poor Cleaning and Sanitation Methods Allow Contaminants to Enter the Wine

Another cause for wine spoilage is inadequate cleaning and sanitation methods. When your equipment, machinery, barrels and bottles are not clean enough, all sorts of contaminants can enter the wine from bacteria to left over residue from the previous batch. Keep this from occurring by using effective cleaning and sanitation methods on anything that will come into direct contact with the wine and all other areas of your facilities.

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