Beer Brewing: Essential Items and Equipment That You Will Need

Beer is such an interesting beverage today since so many have entered into brewing their own unique versions of it. If you are considering the same venture, you must first understand the essential items and equipment it will take to brew beer in sufficient quantities for your purposes. While there is plenty of information on home-brew setups, we want to provide you the necessary information to start brewing on a bit larger scale.

Grains Are the Base Ingredient in Beer

Beer starts with some type of grain. Examples of the grains you can use include rye, barley, wheat and more. Also, there are base malts, specialty malts and malts made from grains. You can purchase grains and malts in bulk for your brewing purposes.

Yeast Is an Important Component of Beer Brewing

Another important component of brewing beer is yeast. Ensure that the yeast is specifically made for beer, though, and not just bread yeast. The type of yeast that you select will help determine the outcome of your beer. It mixes with the other ingredients to activate the fermentation process of beer.

Sugar Add Sweetness to the Brew

All beers need some type of sugar for sweetness. While corn sugar can be used, others substitute malted barley or other types of grains to add the right sugar content.

Hops Add a Bitter Flavour for Balance

Hops are cone-shaped flowers that grow on the female hops plant. Their role in beer brewing is to add oils and acids that impart stability and bitterness to the beer. The bitterness keeps the beer from being overly sweet.

Various Equipment Options Help You Brew Large Batches of Beer

Automated equipment helps you brew large quantities of beer in comparison to simple home setups. The size of this equipment that is right for you is dependent upon how much beer you will be brewing at one time. Also, bottling equipment is another useful element with your beer brewing.

To learn additional information about the essential items and equipment for beer brewing, consult with us at your earliest convenience. We carry quality supplies and equipment for beer brewing, cider making and winemaking.