Bamboo Stakes for Vineyards and Orchards: Essential Tools for Winemakers

All of the results that winemakers realise actually begin in their vineyard and orchards. Without the grapes and fruit trees growing in the proper manner, winemakers cannot produce delectable wines for consumption. When the grape vines or fruit trees are young seedlings, they require extra support to grow tall and strong without breaking. Bamboo stakes are essential tools when it comes to this stage of growth. Stakes of this material are strong, affordable and come from a sustainable source. Read additional facts on this topic in the following details.

Information About Bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that is part of the grass family. It can grow at the rate of one metre a day with the right conditions. In addition, this plant matures in a fraction of the time that it takes hardwood trees to mature. As a result, it is a sustainable source of stakes for winemakers. Bamboo is durable and will stand up to weather exposure, and also is treatable to be resistant to rot and insect whenever necessary.

Reasons to Use Bamboo Stakes in Vineyards and Orchards

  • Bamboo stakes are lightweight and easy to move throughout the vineyards and orchards
  • The stakes are sufficiently strong to hold vine and tree seedlings straight during the early-growth cycle
  • Stakes of bamboo are ideal for the first two years of grape vine growth to enable the vines to reach the trellis wire
  • Stakes of bamboo are reusable in most cases
  • Bamboo comes from sustainable forests or plantations
  • In comparison to metal stakes, bamboo stakes are less expensive to buy in mass quantities
  • Use of bamboo stakes stays in keeping with organic methods of cultivation

Stakes of Bamboo Come in Various Diameters and Lengths

Another reason to use bamboo stakes along with those above is the fact that they come in a wide assortment of diameters and lengths. This allows you to order the sizes that best suit your needs. For example, fruit trees may require a thicker and longer stake that the grape vines require to grow right.

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