A new first of its kind product available to treat smoke taint

Don’t lose production of your wine making process from smoke as a result of bushfires. Martin Vialatte has developed a product, ProVGreen Smoke Taints that has been specifically formulated to treat both red and white must and most significantly, fermented wine.

  • Eliminates the molecules responsible for smoke taint
  • Tested and researched over the last 3 years
  • Positive results recorded by Sofralab
  • Used in conjunction with the enzyme Viazym Aroma
  • Considered a Vegan product, made up of plant proteins, deodorising carbon and specific active compounds
  • Restores the fruitiness and freshness of wine

The results from many of our clients have shown that though the use of the ProVGreen Smoke Taints product, they are managing to save substantial quantities of their wine production, which was otherwise thought to be ruined.

ProVgreen is available from Grapeworks Consumables. Call Tim on 03 9555 5500 to find out more or view the Treatment protocol.