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The general principle of fining is based on the reaction between proteins in the fining agent, considered to be positively charged electrolytes at the pH of wine, and compounds in the wine with an excess of negative surface charges. This causes neutralisation of the charges, leading to the formation of agglomerates. These complexes are unstable in the presence of metal cations, resulting in flocculation. Since the agglomerates are more voluminous they settle more rapidly, leading to clarification of the wine or must.

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Origin F-MAX

Specific formulation for preventative and curative treatment of white and rosé musts and wines with regard to oxidation.

ProVgreen Pure Must

100% Pea Protein for the clarification and oxidisation treatment of must. Preserves aromas with compact sediment.

ProVgreen Pure Wine

100% Pea Protein for fining and refining of wines. Rapid flocculation and improves the organoleptic properties of wines, removing aggressive and bitter tannins.

Independently from the choice of fining agent, several factors can have a significant impact on the fining of musts and wines. These include:

  • The temperature of the must or wine (which affects the viscosity of the solutions)
  • The presence of sugar, the sanitary state of the harvest (which can increase the presence of macromolecules affecting settling)
  • The presence of protective colloids.

That is why it is important to carry out yearly fining trials on small volumes of wine after blending, in order to assess the suitability and effectiveness of potentially usable fining agents.

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