Discover Australian Certified Organic Products

Find out about the Martin Vialatte® range of Australian Certified Organic winemaking products, including Yeasts, Fining, Nutrients and Tannins.

The products listed represent products approved by ACO Certification Limited for use in Organic Wine making, however approval of all Wine products must still go through the normal Approval Process to gain ACO Certification.

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Find out more about these or other plant based products by Martin Vialatte, download the Technical leaflet.


Vialatte Ferm® W12
Yeast for the elaboration of elegant and round wines. Code: LEVUR0041

Vialatte Ferm® W28
Yeast for the production of aromatic white and rosé wines. Code: LEVUR0042

Vialatte Ferm® R71
Yeast for the elaboration of fresh and aromatic red and rosé wines. Code: LEVUR0038

Vialatte Ferm® R82
Yeast for the elaboration of complex and fruity red wines made from ripe grape varieties. Code: LEVUR0039

Vialatte Ferm® R96
Yeast for the elaboration of fresh red wines with fruity and spicy aromas. Code: LEVUR0040

SO. Delight®
Yeast for the production of aromatic white and rosé wines. Code: LEVUR0011

SO. Flavour®
Yeast for the production of intense, complex and fruity red wines. Code: LEVUR0008

SO. Fruity
Yeast for the elaboration of fresh and fruity red wines. Code: LEVUR0012

Yeast for the production of high quality sparkling wines. Code: LEVUR0005


Open Pure
OPEN PURE is a preparation exclusively made up of purified mannoproteins from Saccharomyces cereviase yeast. Open Pure enhances volume and length in the mouth as well as aromatic intensity,  without altering the wine profile. Code: OPENP0000


ProVGreen® Pure Must
Pea proteins selected for the clarification and oxidation treatment of must. Code: PROVG0010

ProVGreen® Pure Wine
Pea proteins selected for the fining and refining of wines. Code: PROVG0012

ProVGreen® L100
Pea proteins in solution for the clarification of musts
and wine. Code: PVLLG0000

Specific combination of non-allergenic fining agents of plant origin for optimum flotation of musts. Code: KTSFL0000


A unique blend that develops a sensation of sweetness and aromatic complexity in red wines – used to replace the use of oak chips/shavings at the crusher. Code: SIMIL0002

Grape Skin Tannin to stabilise anthocyanins and enhance aromatic sharpness and intensity. Refreshes aromas and improves balance in the mouth. Code: TANIR0000

Grape seed tannins in granular form for the clarification, stabilization and balance of red and rosé wines. Code: TANIP0000


Nutricell® AA
Organic nutritional supplement, rich in amino acids, for high quality alcoholic fermentations. Code: NUTRI0001

KTS Flot

KTS® FLOT is a next-generation product for the flotation of whites, rosés and reds resulting from thermovinification. It is composed of proteins and plant polysaccharides.

KTS® FLOT ensures fast, thorough clarification of musts with improved compaction of the cap. It also helps to protect against oxidation and refines the must before alcoholic fermentation.



A yeast that originates in the vineyards of Champagne-Ardenne. Saccharomyces cerevisiae galactose – (fomerly bayanus) is selected for its fermentation characteristics and organoleptic qualities that are required when producing sparkling wines of the highest quality.

Good fermentation performance under difficult conditions (low pH, low turbidity, high pressure). Enables the production of wines that offer great aromatic finesse with perfect gustative balance.

Nutricell AA

NUTRICELL® AA is a nutrient made up exclusively from specific yeast derivatives rich in amino acids.

NUTRICELL® AA enables good alcoholic fermentation management and optimizes the aromatic profile of wine by promoting the production of superior esters and superior alcohol acetates (derived from breakdown of amino acids) along with revealing thiols during alcoholic fermentation.