Thermal Label Sleeving Machine for Wine Bottles Available at Grapeworks Consumables

The last step in preparing your wine for market is labelling the bottles. Over the years, there have been many methods used for this purpose. Today, one of the most popular ways to label wine bottles is by applying a thermal label sleeve with the help of special machines. These sleeves offer an ideal branding opportunity, and you can design them in numerous ways. To purchase the necessary equipment to accomplish this labelling, turn to Grapeworks Consumables since we provide the Norton Sleeve Tunnel, which is a thermal label sleeving machine, for your consideration. We share further facts about this machine in the information that follows in order to help you understand if it is suitable for your labelling requirements.

What Are Thermal Label Sleeves?

Thermal label sleeves are made from thermal plastic film that has been moulded into a tubular shape. This film is flexible and highly resistant and is quick to apply with the right setup. It has the ability to contain a 360-degrees decorative pattern while it also can seal a bottle or other container at the same time if so desired. In addition, these sleeves are the latest solution to provide your wine bottles an eye-catching appearance.

About Norton

Norton s.r.l. is a worldwide leading company in the manufacturing of wire hooding and capsuling machines for bottling lines, food automation equipment and sleeve machines. Since the company’s inception, it has built a reputation for durable, quality machinery.

What Is the Norton Sleeve Tunnel?

The Norton Sleeve Tunnel is a quality machine that provides quality results through its durable, attractive sleeve decoration and sealing method. It also positions the sleeves with speed and precision each and every time that you need it to perform for you. On top of this, it is easy to program and operate. This sleeve tunnel comes with an automatic dispenser that can cut the guarantee ring along with the partial or entire sleeve that is of a resilient PVC film. After the necessary preparation, the tunnel applies and seals the label to the bottle with steam or hot air. Other features include an electronic device to alter the length of the ring, a frame coated for durability with stainless steel, a motor gear with an inverter, stainless steel safety guards and an electrical board.

For further facts about the thermal label sleeving machine that we carry here at Grapeworks Consumables, contact us soon. We will answer all your questions about the Norton Sleeve Tunnel and issue you a quote. Remember that we also sell many other pieces of equipment and types of supplies for winemaking.