Sparkling Hoods for Sparkling Wine: Why are These Important in Winemaking?

After all the winemaking process is complete, and it is time to bottle your sparkling wine, you need to close the bottles in the right fashion for more reasons than just the wine’s stability. If you fail to do it right, the corks can work loose in some cases. Also, consumers identify sparkling wines by their signature look as far as the bottle is concerned. The traditional way to go about capping off this type of wine is to place the cork snugly into the bottle and install a wire muselet over it and then, cover both with a sparkling hood. It is the latter element that we will discuss the importance of in the following.

What are Sparkling Hoods?

Sparkling hoods are cone-shaped covers with one closed end. They fit over the top and the neck of the bottle once you insert the cork and the muselet wire cage. The hoods cover up all the closure elements and are long enough to also cover the necks of the bottles.

Why You Should Use These Hoods?

Your sparkling wine will not look as aesthetically pleasing without the hoods since the muselet wire cage and cork will show. Also, consumers are used to identifying their favourite brand of sparkling wine by all its packaging, including the hood. In other words, adding the hoods might help you sell your wine faster. On top of all this, you can add your brand to the hoods to enhance your labelling.

Grapeworks Consumables Carries a Wide Assortment of Stock Sparkling Hoods

Our company carries a vast array of stock styles of sparkling hoods, such as the following ones:

  • Jeroboam 3 L in matt black and gold French embossed
  • Methusalem 6 L in gold French embossed and matt black
  • Sparkling hoods 90 MM in matt black, satin gold and satin silver
  • Sparkling hoods 120 MM in blanco, burgundy, copper, dark gold medallion, deep gold, gloss black, gold French embossed, green, grey, matt black, pearl white, satin black, satin gold, satin pink, satin silver and silver French embossed

We Also Provide Custom Options for Sparkling Hoods

You also can turn to us for custom options in these hoods, the sizes range from 90 MM to 6 L. Our experts will work with you to create the ideal hoods for your needs and preferences.

Click here to learn additional details about all our sparkling hoods or contact us directly. Also, do not forget to check out the rest of our winemaking supplies, machinery and equipment at the same time. All our products are high quality to ensure that they help you produce and package delectable wine with each batch.