Promote Your Own Wine Brand Effectively with Custom-Designed Labels and Muselets

Labelling and securing the corks of your wine bottles are the two last processes to prepare your wine for market. While there are plenty of choices on the market for these procedures, none are as effective as custom-designed labels and muselets are for these tasks. You control what goes on these elements when you customise them rather than just buying stock options.

Benefits of Custom-Designed Labels and Muselets

  • Uniquely broadcast your brand with your company name, logo and other pertinent information. Also, you decide the placement of all the wording and artwork.
  • Consumers will easily identify your wines by your customised muselets and labels. They will be able to tell it from your competitor’s wines faster than with stock options.
  • Custom labels and muselets can help to increase sales, thanks to the above benefits. When this occurs, you truly know that your labelling theme work effectively.

Tips for Selecting the Right Custom Labels and Muselets

Deal with a reputable company to ensure that you receive only high-quality customised muselets and labels. Also, select the right size of labels and muselets for your specific bottles. This advice holds true whether you choose tin labels or thermal sleeve ones.

Examples of Custom-Designed Muselets and Labels from Grapeworks Consumables

  • Our custom muselets are from Pacifix and Valentin. Each one is meticulously styled to present your wine elegantly and effectively. You can complement your hood and label with an embossed or printed muselet. A topcoat of varnish enhances the emblem that you choose to include. Digital printing process guarantees continuity of design throughout the batch of custom muselets.
  • We carry Applic Etains tin labels that are available in matt and bright gold, pewter, bronze and copper along with other colours if you so desire. In addition, you can request an aged look on copper, bronze and gold. When necessary, we will provide these labels on rolls that are compatible with labelling machines.
  • Thermal label sleeving also is available with our special equipment for this purpose. This process provides a 360-degree decoration of label to your wine bottles.

Contact us for further information about how to promote your own wine with customised labels and muselets. We will explain in detail what we can provide you for both. Also, we will issue you a quote upon request. At the same time, be certain to check out the rest of our product line since we offer a wide assortment of quality winemaking equipment, machines and supplies for all stages of the winemaking process.