Benefits of Custom Designed Labels and Muselets in Winemaking

Once you complete the winemaking process for your wine, it is time to package it appropriately to promote your brand effectively. Bottles only are part of this packaging since you also need to select other elements such as muselets and labels. While there are stock versions of the latter two items that you can use, a better idea is to custom design labels and muselets to personalise them in a unique fashion. Read on to learn the various benefits from taking this action.

Uniquely Personalised to Promote Your Specific Brand

The advantage to choosing custom designed labels and muselets for your wine is that they will both be uniquely personalised to promote your specific brand and not generic in nature. Place the same emblem on the muselets that you place on the labels for contunity of design.

You Choose What the Label Says

Another reason to customise these packaging elements is that you are the one who selects what information goes on the labels. Examples of the information include your brand, the type of wine, the vintage, the volume, country of origin, and alcohol content.

The Design of the Labels and Muselets Is Your Decision

All design decisions of the muselets and labels are your decision. While you will be offered the basic template to go by, you are the one who chooses the style and placement of the print and/or graphics. Also, any colour options are your choice.

Custom Labels Come in Different Base Colours

Personalised labels come in a variety of base colours such as pewter, bright gold, matt, bronze and copper. Select the one that goes best with the way you want to promote your brand. Each colour has a richness to ensure that the labels are attractive. The muselets also come in different colours to complement your choice of labels.

Your Wine Will Stand Out From Your Competition 

With so many wine brands on the market today, the biggest benefit to customised muselets and labels is the fact that they help your brand stand out on the shelf. Consumers will walk by other brands with lesser labels and select your wine since its packaging entices them to try it. Also, they will remember your labeling and brand the next time that they need to replenish their supply.

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