A Guide to Choosing the Right Wine Packaging for Wine Makers

Before wine connoisseurs even know what a wine tastes like, they are drawn to its packaging. For this reason, wine makers need to carefully select the right wine packaging in order to attract customers to their product. Along with this, the packaging should be properly put together to ensure that the wine stays in the correct condition to retain its flavour and other characteristics. Below, you will find a brief guide to help you learn about some of the various packaging options that are available to you.

Bottles Come in a Wide Assortment of Styles, Shapes and Colours

  • Wine bottles come in clear and opaque styles. While certain wine makers prefer the opaque ones since they block out the UV rays more effectively than the transparent ones do, other wine makers use the clear ones to allow their customers to see the wine’s clarity and colour.
  • Coloured wine bottles range from green to yellow or clear. White wines typically come in the yellow or transparent ones while red wines come in black or green ones. Today, though, many wine makers select unique colours for their bottles such as red, purple and blue to grasp the attention of consumers.
  • The most identifiable wine bottles are those with the tapered, narrow necks with a bit wider body and wine makers will use these to package such wines as the sweet white ones. Red table wines often are packaged in stouter and shorter bottles.
  • Today, you also will find wine bottles that are suitable for screw-on caps as well as traditional corks or other capping options (refer to the Capping Options section for further facts).

You Can Custom Label Your Wine

As far as labeling is concerned, you customise your own labels to suit your wine and preferences. An example of a label to consider using is the tin labels by Applic Etains that come in an assortment of colours including such ones as pewter, bright gold, bronze, copper and matt. You select the print that goes on each label.

Capping Options

Part of your bottling process for your wine also will include what capping options are ideal for your specific bottles. While you may select traditional cork closures for your wine, many are choosing screw caps today, but you also may need other options such as:

  • Crowns
  • Muselets
  • Sparkling Hoods
  • Capsules
  • Bottle Wax

For further guidance of choosing the right wine packaging for your wine, consult with Grapeworks Consumables. We not only carry packaging options for wine, but we also carry a wide selection of quality equipment, machinery and supplies for wine making.