Uses and Functions of Wine Press Machines

Wine press machines mechanically extract juice from whole or de-stemmed grapes, or fermented must. In addition, these presses do not crush the seeds since this can result in an excess of tannins in the finished product. At Grapeworks Consumables, we carry different models of the Europress wine presses that perform juice extraction in the ideal manner in order for you to receive the right flavour in your red or white wines.

We Offer Three Types of Presses

Our Company offers open-membrane, closed-tank and dual-system models of the Europress wine presses that range from 600 L to 32,000 L in capacity with the additional option for refrigeration ability in the drums. All of the models contain full stainless steel construction, including the sub-frame, frame, panels and hoppers. While each one has its own, unique characteristics, you may prefer one type to another in the way it operates or the results it obtains. We offer further details about all three of these models in the facts that follow:

  • Open-membrane versions can press minimum loads down to 50 kg.
  • Closed-tank wine press machines will compress minimum loads down a full 20 percent.
  • Dual-system models combine both other options into one machine. You choose whether to use it as a closed or open system to best suit your needs. Models such as these can handle small and large batches to further their flexibility.

Make note that all of the models are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, their durable construction provides long-term use and a high return on your investment.

Examples of the Models That You Can Purchase From Our Company

  • The Europress P15 1500L Slotted is an example of an open-membrane wine press and its size is 2000 litres or 528 gallons. It has a pressing capacity of 7 tons for fermented must, 4.5 tons de-stemmed or crushed grapes and 1.5 tons with whole clusters. Fully automated controls and a solid state microprocessor are two other features of this machine.
  • Europress TX9 900L Tank is a prime example of a closed-tank press. Its size it 900 litres or 238 gallons and has a pressing capacity of up to 1.75 tons. Also, the motors come in different voltages ranging from 208 to 460. Another feature of this model is an integrated vacuum pump.
  • Europress S42 4200L Convertible is a dual-system press at a size of 4200 litres or 1110 gallons. One benefit of this model is the spacious pressing capacity that it has at 15 tons for fermented must, 8.5 tons with de-stemmed or crushed grapes and 3.5 ton with whole clusters. Another feature is the emergency stop cables that come on each side of the press.

Consult with Grapeworks Consumables for further details on the above wine press machine models and other ones. We deliver high-quality machinery, equipment, supplies and customer service to meet your needs.