The Use of Carbonators in Sparkling Winemaking

Sparkling wine provides an effervescent experience that is unique in comparison to other types of wine. While sparkling wine can result from just fermentation, there currently is a rise in the use of carbonators to accomplish favourable results with this type of wine. These machines force gas bubbles into the wine in an efficient, fast manner to ensure the ideal results with each batch of this type of sparkling beverage. Refer to the following to better understand the use of carbonators in sparkling winemaking.

What Is Sparkling Wine?

Sparkling wine differs from other wines in that it becomes carbonated during the winemaking process. While some choose to only use fermentation to achieve these results, others are embracing the modern technology of carbonators to add carbon dioxide to their wine batches to obtain the desired level of carbonation. Champagne is the best known of all of the sparkling wines, but there are numerous other varieties as well. The range includes dry white, rosé, red and other types of sparkling wines. In other words, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to producing your own version of this wine.

The Way That Carbonators Adds Fizz to Wine

We need to state that carbonators are typically used for less expensive sparkling wines. With this being said, let us proceed on to how this type of machinery performs its function. Once your wine has been stablised, you filter it as if it going to proceed to the bottling process. Instead of placing it in the individual bottles, though, you chill it in a tank to a temperature of about 0-degrees C beneath a layer of CO2. After the right temperature is reached, the carbonator mixes the CO2 and chilled wine in such a way as to create gas bubbles in the wine. You can control the level of fizziness by adjusting the carbonator’s flow rate. Each type of carbonater will operate a bit differently so check with your instruction manual to learn how to operate yours in the correct fashion. To preserve the nature of this wine, you should bottle it with the appropriate method and machine.

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