The Purpose of Bottle Washer and Warmer Equipment in Winemaking

There is no disputing the fact that sanitation is a major factor in producing high-quality wine on a consistent basis. After all, contaminants can taint the flavour of the wine and cause it to spoil. If you are not careful, you will need to dispose of the entire batch and begin again. Bottle washer and warmer equipment can help prevent this and other issues that negatively affect the quality of your wine and/or its packaging. We examine why this equipment is important to winemaking in the following details.

The Importance of Clean Bottles

If you ignore the importance of cleaning and sanitising your wine bottles, the results will be less than favourable and unsafe for consumption. You not only will ruin the characteristics of the wine, you can also cause it to be tainted to the point of causing health problems for all who drink it. To accomplish the right level of clean, you should utilise automated equipment such as bottle washer and warmer options. This equipment not only washing the bottles thoroughly, but also dries them completely. Also, they are ideal for warming bottles for the labelling stage as we discuss in the following section.

Why Warming Bottles are Recommended

Warming dries the bottles after washing, but this is not the only reason to perform this action. Cold bottled wine can cause problems in labelling since condensation can occur under the labels, which prevents proper adhesion. When you warm the bottles to the right temperature, the glue on the labels can adhere properly and securely since this process prevents condensation from hindering the adhesion from taking place correctly.

How Bottle Washer and Warmer Equipment Helps with Bottle Cleanliness and Warming 

Automated bottle washer and warmer equipment will first wash the bottles to sanitise them and then it also has a separate drying area to ensure that the bottles have no residual moisture in them. The various models of this equipment can handle loads of 4000 to 12000 bottles per hour depending upon the one that you purchase for your winemaking. You even can regulate the speed at which the bottles travel through the machine for maximum safety and performance.

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