Small Equipment for Winemaking: Available at Grapeworks Consumables

When setting up a winemaking operation, there are variety of machinery and equipment pieces necessary to process the grape must in the right manner. While some of these pieces are quite large to fulfil their purpose, there are small tools and equipment that you will learn has their purpose as well. These small pieces are for use in the last stage of winemaking, which happens to be sealing the bottles in the appropriate manner. If you do not perform this stage in a competent fashion, you can ruin your batch of wine. Luckily for you, Grapeworks Consumables provides all types of machinery and equipment for winemaking, including the small equipment pieces and tools. It is the latter that we will explain in the following details.


Aphrometers are devices to measure and control the final pressure inside the wine bottles. This pressure is influenced by the amount of carbon dioxide that is in your sparkling wine. We carry the following models of these devices:

  • Amphrometer in the cork version with a 0.5 bar
  • Amphrometer in the crown seal version with a 0.5 bar


When sealing your wine bottles with corks, it is crucial to insert the corks securely to ensure that no oxygen seeps into the wine since it can negatively influence the final results. The following pieces of small equipment help accomplish this task properly:

  • Manual corker for sparkling corks
  • Pneumatic assisted corker

Crown Sealers

Crown seals are typically placed on sparkling wines and Champagne and then they are removed after a certain period of time to disgorge them to expel the yeast prior to bottling and corking. Below, are the versions of crown sealers that Grapeworks Consumables offers to you for installing these seals in the right manner:

  • Pneumatic crown sealer
  • Manual crown sealer


When wire hooding is part of the sealing process, you can turn to the following models to assist you:

  • • Semi-auto wirer
  • • Pneumatic assisted manual wirer

Other Small Tools and Equipment Available at Grapeworks Consumables

  • Bottle gauge
  • 2 versions of crown testing devices
  • Disgorging stand with a key and a shute
  • Disgorging tool
  • Hooders
  • Hood applicator
  • Various models of hooder bells

For further details about small equipment and tools for winemaking, contact Grapeworks Consumables soon. Whether you need yeast and additives, small tools and equipment, packaging supplies, machinery or other elements for winemaking, you can depend on our company for quality ones. Our goal is the same as yours, and that is the ideal batch of wine each time you make it.