Press Machines and Pumps for Wine Processing: Buy Them from Grapeworks Pty Ltd

Along with other pieces of equipment, winemakers also require press machines and pumps to process their wine properly. To ensure that they receive high-quality ones, they must turn to a reliable supplier, such as our company, Grapeworks Consumables Pty Ltd. Read on to learn about some pumps and press machines that we offer in our vast product lineup.

Examples of Press Machines That Our Company Offers

  • Europress P15 1500L Slotted is an open-style, 2000-liter membrane press. It can press approximately 1.5 tons of whole clusters, 4.5 tons or destemmed and crushed grapes, and 7.0 tons of fermented must. Also, it contains digital controls that include a fully automated bar pressure with 12 pre-programmed settings and a solid state microprocessor. The touch screen display is easy to read and operate. This machine has an open-style press basket with a large de-juicing capacity and conical slots. Not only is its frame made with 304 stainless steel but also its juice tray and drum, which makes for high durability and easy cleaning. A three-phase motor runs this press and is available in 208-volt, 230-volt or 460-volt versions.
  • Europress P150 1500L Slotted is an open-style, 15,000-liter membrane press. Its approximate pressing capacity is 10.5 tons of whole cluster, 30.0 tons of destemmed and crushed grapes, and 45.0 tons of fermented must. This comes with a built-in, 9.0-hp vacuum pump, a three-phase motor and a touch screen display along with digital controls and other features.
  • Europress P200 20000L Slotted is a 20,000-liter, open-style membrane press. It has an approximate pressing capacity or 14.0 tons for whole clusters, 40.0 tons of destemmed and crushed grapes and 60-tons of fermented must. Other features include a touch screen display, digital controls and a large press basket, and all 304 stainless steel execution along with other ones.

List of the Pumps That We Carry for Your Consideration

  • Kiesel Open Throat Must Pumps are suitable for transferring a high quantity or whole grapes as well as stemmed or destemmed grape must.
  • Kiesel Flexible Impeller Pumps are dry, self-priming pumps that combine the features of positive displacement pumps with those of rotary pumps.
  • Kiesel M Series Hellcal Rotor Pumps
  • Kiesel B Series Hellcal Rotor Pumps

For further details about all our press machines and pumps, contact us or browse through our website. We provide pricing upon your request. Also, do not forget that we carry other winemaking necessities for your consideration that range from yeast and additives to packaging supplies and equipment. With our products, you will be able to make a delectable batch of wine every time.