Detect leaks – protect your wine

Variable Capacity (VC) tanks are famous for leaks in the sealing ring, resulting in potential damage to your wine. The Performing Seal by Liqisis continuously manages seal pressure in up to 5 tanks and alerts you to large leaks.

Made by winemakers – for winemakers

The advantage

Connect your tank to the supply line and it will be up to pressure within 30 seconds. The pressure is kept within a predetermined band so tank seals will always be kept inflated. To deflate, just disconnect.

How does it work?

The Performing Seal system monitors inflation time as a leak check.

  • If the compressor is operating repeatedly this may indicate a minor leak.
  • If the compressor runs for longer than 5 minutes, the compressor is switched off to protect the unit.
  • In either case, an alarm buzzer and flashing light let you know something is wrong.

  • The design of the system prevents the other tanks from losing pressure if there is a leak in one tank.
  • If the system alerts you to a leak, it is simple to isolate tanks so you can identify which tank needs attention., mechanical, engineering, electrical, programming and safety skills.

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