How Does a Europress Grape Crusher Work?

To make delicious wine, grapes need to go through different processing stages. Once the workers harvest the grapes, they first need to be thoroughly washed before they are ready for the next stage which is crushing. Years ago, the only way to perform the latter action was by manual means. This made the winemaking process much lengthier than it is at present. Today, there are mechanical devices to help you turn the grapes into the must that is necessary for the next stage. Below, we share some general information about how these devices operate along with a brand that you may decide to purchase to suit your needs.

How Grape Crushers Operate

  • You Fill the Crusher With Grapes – After you ensure that your crusher is clean and sanitary, you fill it with the grapes, stems and all.
  • The Cylinder Rotates at High Speed – Start the machine and the cylinder will rotate fast enough to crush the grapes fine enough to make wine.
  • Grapes Are De-Stemmed at the Same Time – As the grapes crush, the stems will drop away into a separate compartment to guarantee that they do not continue on through the rest of the process.
  • Results of Crushing Is Must – When crushing is complete, the result is a must that is suitable for creating wine. The must is what contains the necessary flavour for whatever type of wine you are making at the time.

Europress Is One Brand of Grape Crusher Worth Purchasing

Europress offers different models of open-membrane grape presses or crushers to serve the winemaking industry. Features vary between models but include such ones as:

  • Large press baskets to handle plentiful loads of grapes
  • Emergency stop cables for safety purposes
  • Integrated air compressor and vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel juice tray, frame and drum construction
  • Motors have various phases for optimum operation
  • Certain models have a muffler to reduce noise
  • The P15 model processes 1.5 tons of whole-cluster grapes, 4.5 tons of de-stemmed and crushed grapes, and 7 tons of fermented must (refer to other models for their specifications on this point)
  • Digital controls via a solid state microprocessor and offer a variety of preset programs
  • Touch screen display
  • Other features

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