Grape Pressing and Crushing: Benefits of Using Europress Equipment

While winemaking involves many processes, it all starts with the first stage of grape pressing and crushing. It is in this stage that the grapes release their precious juices that go on to become wine. To accomplish these tasks in the ideal fashion, you need to ensure that you use only quality equipment. Europress grape processing machines have been the choice of a multitude of winemakers for over 40 years since they are well-built, quality machines.

Advantages of Using Europress Machines for Grape Pressing and Crushing

  • You benefit from years of research and development with whichever Europress model that you select, which helps you know that you are using the latest in technology to make your wine.
  • Large door openings of easy filling
  • Gentle pressing action to receive the most out of your grapes
  • Efficient and effective pressing times since the machines have a spacious draining surface
  • Ideal for must holding and fermentation
  • Easy to clean
  • Other advantages

How Europress Machines Operate

After you fill the drum with grapes, Europress machines add sufficient pressure to the membrane in graduated steps to crush and press the grapes. In between these steps, a vacuum comes on and the drum turns to break up and separate the grapes. Once these steps are finished, you need to manually turn the drum door in the proper direction to empty the drum. The drum requires thorough cleaning after each batch to keep it sanitary.

Examples of Europress Equipment

Europress manufactures a variety of models to ensure that winemakers can find the exact machine to suit their grape pressing and crushing needs in the perfect manner. Examples of these machines are as follows:

Europress P15 1500L Slotted has an open-style membrane press. The size of it is 2000 litres and it has a pressing capacity of 1.5-ton whole cluster, 4.5-ton de-stemmed and crushed, and 7-tons fermented must. You will have an easy time reading and adjusting the settings, thanks to its touch screen display and digital controls. This unit also contains a muffler to reduce the noise. Includes other features as well as you can read about here.

Europress P200 is another open-style membrane press, but this is substantially larger than the above model since its size is 20,000 litres. Also, its pressing capacity is approximately 14-tons whole cluster, 20-tons de-stemmed and crushed, and 60-tons fermented must. The frame, juice tray and drum is of durable 304 stainless steel construction.

For further benefits of using Europress equipment for grape pressing and crushing during your winemaking process, consult with our company, Grapeworks Consumables. We specialise in a wide variety of winemaking supplies, equipment and machinery including numerous press models from Europress.