Some Oak Barrel Alternatives in Winemaking

While aging in oak barrels has long been the tradition as part of winemaking, there are alternatives to them that reap favourable results. Different types of barrels are slowly gaining in popularity along with the addition of oak chips to the process.

Acacia Barrels

When in search of an oak barrel alternatives, one interesting choice to consider is acacia barrels. Winemakers are turning to these barrels since they add a different dimension to sweet wines such as Bordeaux and to a variety of white wines. Acacia imparts a floral characteristic to the wines and also adds to the mouth feel of them.

Ameline Barrels

Ameline offers length, structure and finesse to wines. Shiraz wines along with Cabernet and Bordeaux blends age well in ameline barrels.

Oak Chips Are Another Alternative to Oak Barrels

When your oak barrels lose their ability to impart sufficient oak characteristics into your wine, oak chips are a viable, affordable alternative and a way to extend the life of your barrels. Instead of purchasing new barrels, you simply add the right amount of oak chips to your wine. In addition, you can use these chips with other types of barrels for unique results. You will need to select the right chips for the type of wine you are making, but this is a simple task since a variety of choices are available. Here at Grapeworks Consumables, we carry the following oak chips from a leader in the field, Boise®:

  • AFR chips provide vivacity for the mouth and an aromatic freshness to your wines.
  • BF chips include non-toasted oak that offers volume to the mouth feel of the wine along imparting fruitiness to it.
  • BFP chips are a pumpable version of the BF chips.
  • DC180 chips add softness, roundness and vanilla notes in your final product.
  • DC190 oak chips offer caramel and grilled notes for your product.
  • DC210 chips will impart both smoky and toasted notes to your batch.
  • SC180XL oak chips add structure to the wine along with bakery notes, such as vanilla.
  • SC100 chips add roundness to the mouth feel of wine and toasted notes to its flavour.
  • DC310 allows you to add coffee and grilled notes for a unique touch to your latest batch.
  • SCA oak chips add volume the mouth and a complexity to wines.

Rely on Grapeworks Consumables for further facts about oak barrel alternatives for your winemaking. We also carry various other supplies, additives, machinery and equipment to assist you in your winemaking efforts. Browse through our website at your convenience to view our full product line.