Advantages of Using CellaStac Bottle Tray Storage System for Wine Distributors and Suppliers

The Cella-Stac® bottle tray storage system for wine distributors and suppliers is convenient and efficient. This palletised system for cellar storage of bottled wine utilises simple, sensible technology that enables your packing and storing team to work more quickly and safely, providing you with cost-effective, practical wine storage. As a modular storing system, the Cella-Stac method uses layers of moulded trays designed with separate bottle cavities. Each new tray is placed on top of the previous tray in the stack and filled with full bottles of wine.

These trays are arranged in pallet-style stacks, preventing any bottle-to-bottle contact and eliminating breakage and leakage. This wine storage method offers strong advantages for bin stock and long or short-term storage. It is also a flexible way of arranging storage areas that is adaptable to the spatial layout and size of each individual wine cellar. It is much more convenient, safe and practical than traditional storing systems that use boxes and bins.

More Benefits Offered by the Cella-Stac Bottle Tray Storage System

Additional benefits offered to wine distributors and suppliers by the Cella-Stac bottle tray storage system include the following:

• Occupational Health and Safety Benefits.
 This wine storage method enables storage teams to hand stack and unstack pallets, even at significant stacking heights, without risking injuries from broken bottles. This system also uses spring-loaded pallet tables, which eliminate the need for workers to bend and stretch while loading and unloading wine storage areas. These storage crews can avoid strained muscles, physical stress and fatigue while working.

• Reduced Labour Time and Costs. Because packing and unpacking wine storage pallets requires less time, labour costs are reduced for wine distributors and suppliers who use the Cella-Stac method. Since each full pallet is usually stretch-wrapped with mesh wrap, these pallets can be moved quickly and easily as needed, without the risk of broken wine bottles. Fully loaded pallets can be safely stacked on top of one another to form a cube-shaped storage area for optimal use of all warehouse space. Inventory counts and control are fast and efficient.

• Clean, Long-life Usage. Cella-Stac trays are composed of sturdy, food-grade plastic, and any spills or accumulations of dust and grime can be easily washed away. This system is available in three different models: CS48 with 48 bottles to each tray, CS40 with 40 bottles to a tray, and CSE40 with 40 bottles to each tray. An average Cella-Stac fully packed cube may contain 24,000 bottles in CS48 trays and 20,000 bottles when either CS40 or CSE40 trays are used. Cella-Stac trays are made of very durable plastics and have a long-life expectancy of as much as 15 years of regular use.

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