Yarra Valley Winery

Delivery and installation to a Yarra Valley winery of the Europress EP1 – 65, with hopper for the double doors.

Europress by Scharfenberger. Known for its reliability, build quality and simplicity of operation and cleaning, Europress is the press winemakers turn to.


Our client was looking for a reliable, easy to use press. The Europress represented this, with the advantage of super easy cleaning.

features on the EP1-65

In an open press system, one side of the press drum has very narrow conical slots. The shape and arrangement of these slots guarantees the highest juice quality and prevents the slots from clogging up. It allows for gentle pressing with a short cycle due to the large draining surface area.

Standard Features:

  • All stainless steel design including frame
  • Half-side perforated drum with conical slots
  • Large press drum opening with easy-sliding door
  • Polished press drum for easy cleaning
  • Internal compressed air supply with high-performance compressor
  • High volume vacuum pump with double function: pre-blower and evacuation
  • Drive motor with rotational speed in both directions
  • Large stainless steel juice tray with connection thread DN 50
  • Juice guide sheets, movable and removable options
  • Membrane composed of food grade materials, heat tolerant up to 70C (158F)
  • Special membrane fastening system – for ‘perfect fit’ membrane and pomace breakup
  • Special pomace emptying bars under the membrane – for faster emptying cycles

  • New large 10” touch screen monitor with intuitive menu navigation
  • Fully automatic digital control system with 24 individually selectable pressing programs
  • Manual setting of the program and automatic recording/saving feature
  • Emergency control manual override
  • Pressure build-up
  • Pull vacuum
  • Door open – close (if pneumatic)
  • Turn left, turn right
  • Lateral side panel of the press are on hinges and can be lowered (up to 52 hl)
  • Silent mufflers
  • 4 movable wheels, 2 with brakes)programming and safety skills.


Whole bunch Filling amount


Destemmed Grapes Filling Amount


Fermenter Size Filling Amount


Juice Tray Volume