Spirit production

About Boise

High quality oenological wood for distillers and bartenders

Boisé® Spirits is a complete range of high quality French oak products for your spirit s production. Based on 25 years of expertise, the oak products offer an efficient technology to accelerate the aging of your spirits and reduce the sensation of fire.

Objective of the trial:

Creation of a “whisky type” spirit. Trialing oak alternatives as a cost effective solution.
Initial Trial Soaking time: 3 weeks Dosage: 10g/l
Secondary Trail Soaking time: 2 months
Alcohol: Vodka 40% (37.5% in retail)
French Oak used: 6 Oaks chips and 1 Staves

As a global leader in the design and production of innovative alternatives, Boisé brings the very best of what oak can offer to spirit ageing.

Whisky colour guide

Utilising the ‘Whisky Colour Guide’ from the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, colour of the trials was monitored after initial trial and referenced in the tasting notes.

Boisé original chip profiles

Below lists some of the profiles that were initially trialed. Another review after 2 months further soaking will be compared to the original control spirit.

Profile 1 – SC 180 XL

Colour: “Tawny” intense colour
Nose: Vanilla, caramel and spice, oak is integrated, bring intensity.
Mouth: Increase structure and volume of the spirit with the oak tannins, roundness and sweetness. Length of the aftertaste is long. Interesting oak chips that bring aromas and structure at the same time. 

Profile 2 – DC 190

Colour: “Deep Cooper’
Nose: Caramel, dry wood, chestnut, and honey, sweets notes 
Mouth: Increased structure and volume, roundness, tannins are a bit dry. Maybe need a longer time for better integration. Good length. 

Product Three

Colour: “Gin clear” colourless
Nose: Balanced, not too hot and agressive
Mouth: Great, smooth mouthfeel, easy to drink

More information or to organise a trial for yourself to see the advantages, call Pierre, our Boisé Oak specialist on 03 9555 5500 or email